Samaria valley wagyu look over the bridge at the Broken river Lima South

About us

Samaria Valley Wagyu is a family run farm that breeds full blood wagyu in North Eastern Victoria. Wagyu cattle were an obvious move for us as it brought together our longterm interest in Japan, love of farming and seemingly endless need for a challenge.

Samaria Valley Wagyu breeds and backgrounds steers that are then custom fed at Maydan.  We attend all carcass gradings and our own carcass data is fed back into the herd for our genetic selection.    

We began the transition to full blood wagyu in 2006 with the aim to build a large-framed cow herd with good maternal characteristics. We have selected proven maternal lines for embryo transfer and used artificial insemination to build carcass quality. 

Sun set over the hay shead Lima South Samaria valley wagyu
Frosty morning at Samaria valley wagyu
Golden sunset at samaria valley wagyu

Wagyu beef is renowned for its rich taste, juiciness and tenderness. The famous marbling is due to healthy mono-unsaturated fats that are laid down between the muscle  fibres. 

These mono- unsaturated fats have a benificial impact on your health and your steak! During cooking the marbling melts to baste the meat resulting in the famous mellow  flavoured, succulent meat.

Samaria valley wagyu enjoying the native feed over the back
Lynette and Ro next to the new Southern Cross windmill at Samaria valley wagyu

Our full blood Wagyu herd are free of growth promotants, hormones and antibiotics. They are EU certified and pasture fed in a low-stress environment on our family property in the north east of Victoria.  We have also achieved a JBas 8 rating.

Samaria Valley Wagyu Old Yards Winter
Samaria Valley Wagyu Hayshead Summer
Samaria Valley Wagyu Laneway
Samaria Valley Wagyu Winter Wagyu
Entrance to samaria valley wagyu foggy morning
Lynette in the samaria valley wagyu yards
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