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In 2006 we began our journey with wagyu and have become passionate about the breed. Wagyu are a wonderful animal for a small producer. They have a quiet temperament, are easy to manage and have few birthing problems.

They also provide challenges that maintain our interest: intellectually - to balance their breeding; administratively - to manage their full blood registration and a management challenge - to develop a production program to get the best from the genetics available.

Wagyu is a rewarding breed. We monitor our herd closely and take our steers through to carcases, as this informs our breeding and feeding decisions.  See carcase data


Heifers and Cows

Our breeding focus has been to produce large framed females. Selling carcases you soon find that size, as well as marbling, really does matter. All of our carcase results are analysed and we use the data to track the performance of the bulls, and also the cows. We have found that dam lines can provide consistent results whereas bulls may be variable. We include all data - not a skewed sample - as this is how improvements are made.

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Our herd is based in North East Victoria. We are European Union accredited and our herd has a Johne’s Assurance Score of 8 (J-BAS 8). Therefore our cattle are eligible to move to any part of Australia - even Western Australia (unlike Victorians at the moment!)

We need to reduce our herd size, we are getting older and to make management easier, we must be prepared to say goodbye these lovely animals to allow us to continue with our wagyu farming.